How we make

Why we choose water Hyacinth plant

Water Hyacinth plant is known as the long-life growing plant, free-floating, growing from the surface of the water. The Water Hyacinth plant is also causing serious ecological and economic problems despite the fact that water hyacinth can be made into a variety of household products and trying to remove this invasive species proves pointless, they still grow very quickly as its nature.

The Used of Water Hyacinth

According to this effect, we found out one of the useful and effective solutions that we together can be apart to solve this range of problematic cause and this becomes a resource for income generation as well.

This water hyacinth plant is more diverse. It can be used to make a variety of things.

Its flower can be eaten as an additional topping with Khmer Cheese (Prahok), make it more delicious. The greatest asset that Water Hyacinth can be made is to weave into such material that can be used to our daily life such as basket, pen box, floor mat, glass pad and many more.

It is no cost to use the water hyacinth to make into such household materials as described above all.

For those women to find this plant near their community, it becomes easier and they have time to take care of their children and being a mother for the family as normal.

The Water Hyacinth Product Process

In the first stage, we begin by cutting the plants from Tonle Sap Lake, taking several hours to reap from the lake or block nearby. Sometimes they have to take the boat going as far as to find the good ones and strong source.

Before any further processing, we collect the number of plants we reaped from the lake to cut the leaves and let them dry under the sunshine as long as they turn into skin color. Depending on the weather, this drying process somehow can be flexible, normally we spend two weeks, and we ensure to check the quality if water hyacinth should already get rid of any peculiar water, and drawing to the good scent of hyacinth.

This stage, after we already collect the material we need, we begin to weave carefully to make the project we want. We also prepare a small tang of water during the weaving progress; we will need the plants to be as a little like a liquid to use them easier.